Way to raise Golden Retriever dogs for those who prefer this breed


Way to raise Golden Retriever dogs for those who prefer this breed

Are golden retriever dogs easy to be raised or not? Are Golden dogs difficult to be raised? That is the question for those who love this breed but have no conditions for raising or are learning to later buy a dog to be friend? Immediately below we will share with you how to raise Golden retrievers dogs and the note before raising them.

How to raise and train Golden dogs

The Golden tends to be faithful and just obedient to the breeder from childhood, so to get the relation, you should feed the Golden dog since they were only a few months old. With mature Golden dogs and the dogs with more than 1 owner, of course they will not attack the new owners but will not listen, refusing to eat or sitting a place to just lie idle. It will take the long time to integrate. If you are too busy and can not have time to go for a walk every day with Golden dogs for 30 minutes to 1 hour, then the best is that you should not raise them. Because Golden dogs are working dogs, they are very voracious and eat a lot so they always excess energy, when energy is not released, will be accumulated as fat leading to obesity, the major cause to reduce life expectancy of dogs. Golden dogs with obesity tend to live no more than 8 years, instead of 10-12 years as usual. Unfortunately, there is a fairly high percentage, 30%, Golden dogs worldwide are obese, so before feeding, you need to make sure you can get them to play and exercise regularly.

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Golden dog fur care is also very important, this is very hard work and have to do regular (1-2 days / times). Beucase Golden dogs run and jump and play a lot, their fur is very thick and long, they need grooming, routine troubleshooting. Bathing every month, or two months, is essential. After the bath, you should dry quickly their fur due to very long to dry, long time of wet hair can cause them to have a cold or the mold. Golden dogs also usually molt in the spring and summer, so if you are interested in this breed, identifying that this is very hard.

Personal hygiene such as washing, brushing also need to do every day, or 2 times per week if busy, you can do together with the brush. These two things are necessary but many dog owners often ignore. The coat the underside Golden dog eye is thick, the tears flow down the hair not cleaned for a long time will make them sticky, yellowed which looks very dirty and difficult to clean. Golden dogs are famous for being friendly, they like to lick the owner but only them to know eating what before licking your face, so regularly brushing is important to help both be confidently closer.

Golden dog training is not difficult because they are very intelligent and very obedient, they are also one of the smartest dogs in the world, capable of absorbing the simple commands after several training . The training should be done when they are young, about 2-3 months to achieve the highest efficiency. You can see the article  of training Pitbull dogs to refer to the commands and rules for dogs.

What do Golden dogs eat? Food and nutrition for Golden dogs

Golden Dogs is working dog so they are not picky eaters and very voracious, they eat a lot and be able to eat everything that you give so they are very easy to raise. However to ensure adequate supply of nutrients, but also need to feed moderately to avoid obesity. Daily volume of reasonable food for a Golden dog is from 2.8 – 3.5% of the total body weight of the dog. For example, a dog weighing 10kg will need about 280g – 350g of food for each day. Small dogs will need more food than large dogs, and active dogs will need more food than those who are less active.

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Nutritional composition of the daily diet of the Golden dog needs from 22-28% of the total protein from meat (beef, pork, chicken, fish), eggs, offal (liver, lungs, heart, kidney, brain). And 10-16% of the amount is fat, usually there há enough in fresh meat or natural offal or if the meat is too lean, it is possible to eat fish oil supplements, fish oil, chicken fat or butter, not let the dogs eat directly, let make sauteed with other foods. The remaining percentage is divided by the vitamins, fiber and starch, found in vegetables, rice, porridge, biscuits, potatoes, …

Take the Golden dog weighing 10kg as above as an example, this dog will need from 280 – 350g of food, temporarily taking the round 300g. This 300g will need to contain about 75g protein and 30 grams of fat and 2 substances are mainly found in meat, eggs and offal. So the daily volume of meat or offal will be about 110 – 120g. The remaining volume (180g) will be fruits and vegetables, rice or bread, and other foods. These foods will be divided into 2-4 meals depending on the age of the dog, the puppies of 2-3 months old should be fed 4 meals/day. Dogs from 3-5 months should be fed 3 meals/day. For dogs from 6 months onwards, you just let them eat 2 meals a day, 3 meals would be better if you have time.


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