Training Toy Poodle dog to do the basic commands


How to train Toy poodle dog? The training for Poodle dogs is concerned by many people. Poodle dog is one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world today. There is not anything more wonderful when your little Poodle dog always knows how to do more cooler games! Inherently they are very smart, but it does not mean that Toy poodle dogs will know these things by themselves, you need to have a training process and teach them. Let’s learn about the training for Toy poodle dog beginning with simple commands before.

With you, Poodle dog must be the most?

We must consider TOY POODLE DOG as a companion, lover, name them, stroke, patt, walk with them, shuttle, give them an attachment fun, inspiring songs for easy training after that.

Need to be patient when toy poodle dog training

It is a prerequisite to have to train Toy poodle dogs, the dog owner is not tempered, scolding, beatings, cursing, making the dog fear, not absorb the lessons. We must remember the slogan: Rome wasn’t built in a day, you can not complete today does not mean you can not do it tomorrow ….

Some basic commands for Poodle training

Some basic commands when trainign Toy poodle dog should be brief: SHORT, succinct, clear, resolute, POWERFUL, to force the dog to follow commands, not ignore, it will create undisciplined properties. Between the commands, must be a gap of time, the minimum is 30 seconds, so the dog can hear and enforcement. If during the 30 seconds, we order the command 3.4.5, the dog can not hear anything, so they can not do anything.

Time for toy poodle dog training

Can teach the dog in the morning or the afternoon, just one session only. About 25 minutes each time training is for dogs to stay, teaching more will make dog tired, it will depressed, refusing to learn, forming the habit of lazy.

Process of toy poodle dog training

Toy poodle dog training or any other breed dogs should be taught in accordance with the curriculum, from easy to difficult, from all 1..2..3..4 sequentially. Unable to teach all up.

Quibble reward and punishment

When you see the dog to follow the lesson, we have to stroke his head and commend GOOD, if it refuses to learn, we shout NO, let it know that we are not satisfied.

Need to understand the properties of each poodle dog

For the training, we will apply each different measures, according to every dog, to get the results. If the dog is gentle and shy, we have to caress, encourage it, not punish, using such measures. If the dog is stubborn, refusing to learn, we have to use coercive measures, meant to be punishment to force it to lear.

You need to know the age of the poodle

The dogs between 6-12 months old are most amenable. They are in prolific age, agile, healthy, hearing and intelligence, enthusiasm and fun. The dogs on the 2, 3, 4 years old will learn more slowly, slowly hearing, walk without enthusiasm, more difficult to teach.

Toy poodle dog health

There are dogs very nimble in today, but tomorrow, suddenly it becomes languid and drowsy, does not want to walk, does not take to lesson. Precisely because it was infected, we must make it immediately out of training for treatment and recovery.

Revise the old lessons

When training the dog, we must compel it to review all learn old lessons, and then forwarding to the teaching new ones. A refresher for the lesson will help the dog to remember all more.

Exercise for dogs to sit is exercise with initial classical conditioning with orders “sit down” which is done in gentle conditions. When applying the method of contrast, exercises are conducted as follows: dog owner turns to the left where the dog is standing next to his feet, holding rope on right hand, range from 20 cm from the dog neck, presses left hand gently on dog butt to sit down. Then order “sit down” and take out the rope slightly behind, presses between the waist and butt of the dog.

When the dog has sat down, the trainer repeat command “sit down”, says “good” with low voice and continue to keep the dog in a sitting position, stroking dogs and give food prey.

When the dog in a sitting position for 5-10 seconds, dog owner let it in a state of freedom. After 2-3 minutes rehearsing this again. Such 2 sessions per day for 15-20 minutes, after about a week, the dog will form classical conditioning, at that time the owner just stands facing dog and gesturing and saying “sit down”, the dog will follow.

Training Toy poodle dog to lie

Here’s how to train Toy poodle dog to lie which is simple but quite effective

  1. Pull down the rope to the straight, while pressing on the shoulder to fore the dog to lie down, or pulling the legs before forcing the dog to lie down.
  2. Use bait: holding bait on the right hand stimulate the dog, holding hand with the bait out and drop, repeating the order “lie down”, greedy dog will immediately lay down.

When the dog has lie down, the dog owner shouts out “lie down” with the low voice, the dog has lie in one of two ways above, the dog owner says “not fidget” and walks away about 5m, the dogs that has still dormant is formation of reflection, of course the “not fidget” has been in force.

Training Toy poodle dog to stand

Dog owner stands on the right of the dog, when the dog is in a sitting position, or lying and orders “stand up”, after 2-3 seconds, pulling the rope on right hand forward, and use left hand to slid down to the bottom to lift the dog. When the dog stands up, the dog owner encourages by caress, repeates the order “stand up”, “good” and give bait.

When you see the dog to sit down, the owner of the dog slippes his left hand under its belly and keep it in standing position and repeates the order “stand up”, combining with “holding”.

Training Toy poodle dog to crawl

Force the dog to lie down, left hand combined with bait presses butt dog, right hand decoys bait on the nose dogs, gluttonous dogs will approach themselves, we move right hand forward, left hand still lightly on dog butt, order crawling command by mouth, … firstly training the dog to crawl about 1m then 3 – 4m and feed and reward.

Another way is to force the dog to lie down, dog owner squats on the dog’s back, noting a slight grip, hold dog legs to pull forward, set many times for dogs to form reflect of crawling. After the dog has formed reflect of crawling, increasing distance about 10m, force the dog to crawl.

Training Toy poodle dog to carry items back to owners

When training dogs for carrying items to owners, we bring the dog toys such as hedgehog, bones, then robbing them for the dog to chase, after getting used to playing like that, we try to toss items away on distance of 2 meters, the dog owner chases to take items, of course reflexively dogs will compete to pick up toys against dog owners to pick up their toys, and dog owners will grab the item and shout “release” and left hand squeezes into the lower jaw of the dog, the dog will automatically release the item.

When set to this stage, we combine tossing toys with ascending distance and shouting “find”, the dog will run to collect toys, when the dog picks up the toys we again shout “back” and wave for dogs to run back, when the dog carry the toys, we say “good”, but we should not reward the bait, otherwise the dog will lose focus.

Training Toy poodle dog not to eat when no command

We force the dog sit idly then throwing food on the ground, the dog will run to eat, the dog owner shout “sit idly”, threatening to slap by hands, pretend to slap a few times then dog will not dare to eat immediately.

To train, we have 2 ways

– Tossing food for dogs up in the air, which means jumpping and grabbing food. Dogs will form reflect of only eating when the dog owner tosses the food.

– When we let dogs eat in meals, we shout “sit idly” and put the food pot down, the dog comes to eat, the dog owner shouts again “sit idly” and threatens to slap by hands, when the dog sits idly, the dog owner puts the food pot approaching the dog but still ordering “sit idly”, the dog will not dare to eat, and then if we want to feed, bring food pot to the dog nose to sniff and shout “eat” also comment “good”.

Training Poodle dog to bark by order

The dog owner will tie the dog, holding scented bait into the dog nose, the dog will be appetite but can not eat, dog owner will order “bark”,flick off, dog stil barks, then the dog owner commend well and compliment feeding together cuddling dog ears scratched. Such training until the the dog is accustomed to the order “bark” and hand commands.

When stimulated dog barking but the dog does not bark, the dog owner walks away, maybe to play with other dogs and feed them, the dog will bark loudly because jealous, then dog owner comes back, flips and shouts “barking”, the dog will bark following.

Such training whenever the dog barks, the dog owner would enlist to shout “bark”, after many days, the dog will form reflection and then we flip, the dog also barks following, we shout “bark”, the dog will bark also, after the dog barks at the request of the dog owner, the dog owner says “quite”, immediately the dog will not dare to bark anymore.

Traing Poodle dog to follow owner

Wearing necklace, led rope about 50cm, the dog owner stands next to the dog left leg, shouts command “go”, when the dog sits already, dog owner slightly riches the rope and shouts “go”, the dog will accompany, when the dog goes first, the dog owner gently pull the rope and shouts “slow” for the dog passing knee, when it passes the knee, saying “good”, if the dog goes lagging, also pulling the rope and shouting “fast”, the dog will catch the owner, the dog owner compliment “good”, latter for about 1 meter long rope, driving the dog to be loosen, it still followes that means you have been half success.

The next step is dropping rope that the dog still adhere to to go next to the foot of the owner means you have success, training dogs follow the owner combined with training the dog to walk, lie, sit, crawl is very effective.

Training Toy poodle dog to greet

According to many people, the movement of dog greeting looks very elegant, very nice and polite, you can train your dog in the following ways:

Dog owner shouts the command “sit”, sitting posture, adjusting the dog’s tail to be straight, creating a solid tripod, dog owner shouts command “greeting” while pulling the rope, the left hand grabs dog feet, creating a sitting position. Such training until the dog feels tired, it will sit down, or set about 10-15 seconds before the break. Many more days will definitely succeed.

Hopefully with the exercises and how to train Toy poodle dogs above, we can help you to have moments of true relaxation and comfort yourselves by your lovely dogs. Good luck!


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