Training and teaching baby Rottweilers from breastfeeding to weaning


Training and teaching baby Rottweilers from breastfeeding to weaning is one of the essential things. Maybe many of them to give the dogs a natural develop according to their inherent instinct. But in order to let the dogs to be more “professional”, you should have the shape right from the first time of the Rottweiler. Immediately the following are some information about  training and teaching baby Rottweiler dogs during the period of breastfeeding. 

Natural reflex instinct of baby Rottweilers

According to the data of many researchers, through many analysis, they have concluded that: reflections and conditions of the Rottweiler began to be shown from 20 to 25 days after they were born.

The primitive reflections of olfactory or food have appeared since the first days of the rottweiler and these reflections have conditional – unconditional nature. When forming this reflection, including all analytical agencies like the taste, movement, touch, temperature and smell. If excluded from this combination, such as stimulation of the taste buds, the reflections of the olfactory will be made up of only 20 or 22 on day after Rottweiler dogs were born.

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The main task of the education and training of the baby Rottweiler in the period of breastfeeding is for them to become familiar with the various stimuli of the surroundings. This is mitigated by breeding the baby Rottweiler with their parents, because the baby Rottweiler dogs will imitate their parents to react to this stimulus or other stimulants. Should depend on that is the imitated reflections of the Rottweiler dog are shown in the most active form.

Let the baby Rottweiler roam and stimulate the reflections of them 

Walking – this is a major form through which can make the Rottweiler dogs get used to the surroundings and set them familiar to react calmly to the various stimuli they encounter. Maybe impact on baby rottweiler dogs a lot of different types of stimuli, such as: stimulation of animals, stimulating the different smells, different sounds (eg sounds by means of transport, by the sound of gunfire…) or a stranger, forest, wind, rain, thunder, the obstacles … Must let Rottweiler dogs to become familiar with all children stimuli and to teach them not to be afraid of any stimulus but cautiously for stimulation. For this, we need to abide by a defined sequence.

The note in the education and training the baby Rottweiler

When the Rottweiler begin to get familiar with the stimulus, you should put them in normal circumstances and gradually put them in more complex situations. You should not lead the Rottweiler from ranches to the noisy, crowded places immediately with loud whistle, full of the sounds, the rumbling of vehicles by travel, will make the baby Rottweiler panic. The fear that will remaining in the Rottweiler for a long time so in the next time to roam, they will become more cowardice. It is easy to make the Rottweiler dogs be scared, but to snuff out the fear in them  is very difficult.
The outing can start right from the recently the Rottweiler know themselves to move. The first time let the Rottweiler to walk from 2-3 times one day, each 15 minutes (go with the whole flock) and let them walk with their parents in a quiet place in the farm or a certain location nearby. Meanwhile, we need to set for the rottweiler familiar with the voice commands such as “come here”, “go for a walk”. The habit of running back to the trainer under voice command “come here” should be trained, even when feeding. Before we deliver food to them, should call Rottweiler parents, and of course following the parents are the baby Rottweiler, beginning at close range (5-7m), then increase the distance of gap.

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While taking a stroll, when the baby Rottweiler and their parents run away, at the gap not very large (5-7m), the trainer will issue the command “come here” to beckon Rottweiler parents together with the baby Rottweiler. The coach then will caress them and at the same time issue the command “good” and give them a piece of bread, then play with them. On each walk, the trainer will issue the command “let’s go for a walk” from 3 -5 times, the interval of 5-10 minutes, then issue the command “come here”. If the Rottweiler baby run not much actively, we need to actively run away from them even more when they just run closer to us, because, in order to run to the trainer sooner, they will run faster and more exciting with their parents. If they are practiced daily with such reflective exercises for the order “come here”, the reflections will be automated and become continuous reflections in baby Rottweiler.

With these early lessons, the training baby Rottweiler dogs will become easier if you persevere and follow the directions above. The Rottweiler later when growing up, you will see the dog training will become more relaxed because they’ve been on the inherently sticky since childhood. Moreover, the education and training baby Rottweiler dogs will help them become more agile, more active and more healthy.



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