Training Rottweiler dogs from 2 to 6 months of age


Training Rottweiler dogs from 2 to 6 months of age is a relatively complex period of training the dogs and requires much higher compared to other phases of training. Maybe, at this age, Rottweiler dogs are often naughty and hyperactive so they sometimes do not obey. Therefore, when training, you need to have the most reasonable method. Here are some notes when you make education and trainingRottweiler dogs from 2 to 6 months of age.

First steps of training Rottweiler dogs from 2 to 6 months of age

In this period, the education continues to take place, and you have to strengthen the attachment of the baby Rottweilers for owners and their sense of vigilance against strangers. In this period, you have to train Rottweiler dogs the habits as brave, positive campaigning, aggressive moderate (offensive nature and clutching rags and soft jacket on the strangers – maid for coaches). Moreover, you have to teach Rottweiler dogs to be familiar with proper names, with necklace, with reins, with the hounding and instrument trays, train habits after receiving the command “‘on the spot”. Need to teach Rottweiler dogs familiar with water, with swimming and train carefully them about the habit of ending action after obtaining orders (only). You should train their olfactory organs as much as possible.
The best age to educate baby Rottweiler dogs about reflector of being attached to people is before they are 7 weeks old. From the 5th week of age, the Rottweiler dogs have also appeared reflector of being attached to human, then more and more they want to avoid contact with human. Moreover, if the closeness with people is not trained before 14 weeks of age (in the special nurturing conditions), the Rottweiler dogs have appeared reluctant sense to contact with the people and that sense is so powerful that it does not let anyone come nearby. The researchers considered this age as the boundary of the development period of emotional attachment of Rottweiler dogs. By the end of this period, the reaction of fear will increase. These data should be studied and considered when people exercise and educate little Rottweiler dogs.


The stages for training Rottweiler dogs period from 2 to 6 months of age

Consists of walks conducted in different terrain conditions, such as in the fields, in the woods, near the road, populated locations. Then let Rottweiler dogs walk on the empty, less noisy streets and then let them walk in the more crowded streets, where traffic courts of horse transportation, automobile, after that if you have condition, let the Rottweiler dogs walk until they grow up to about 6-8 months of age, at that time they are accustomed to different stimuli and react more calmly to any circumstance. If in the trips, there is something makes the baby Rottweiler dogs panic, the trainer must come closer to the thing that made them panic, call them to, let them observe carefully and let them sniff those objects, while he must encourage them by the caress and give them candy. When playing, must run to the object along with the “old” things for Rottweiler dogs or occasionally come across them, caress them and then give them candy. Maintaining the contact among the baby Rottweiler dogs and between the baby Rottweiler dogs with the older ones which were rated well in profession is very important in order to achieve the purpose of exercise to be most effective , the behavioral characteristics needed in order to imitate. During the walks should carry a brave rottweiler dog which has been trained.

In the baby Rottweiler dogs, similar reflections are expressed very strongly. The exposure, a herd on pasture differently is characteristic of all things. The baby Rottweiler dogs that later are used for livestock are usually raised in the flocks of sheep or nourished with mature rottweiler dogs, to make the baby Rottweilers can mimic to study the necessary behavior (the habit).

The notìication when training Rottweiler dogs in the period from 2 to 6 months of age

Should gradually increase the child Rottweiler dogs to carry heavy loads to prevent them from being tired, and always monitor their behavior. The best physical rehearsal for the Rottweiler is to roam and have fun with their peers. Must take into account that the baby Rottweilers have very brave and positive action when in organizing, but when they are alone, they can be too careful and sometimes appear cowardly. Therefore, the transition from education to work in groups to separate education must be continually, that is descending Rottweiler dogs team and increase the complicated things slowly until the Rottweiler dog is 5 to 6 months of age, then may turn to the individualized education.

From the age of 3 months, the Rottweiler dogs are divided into small groups, each group of 2 to 3 children. People gradually increase the level of complexity in fostering the desired reflection (the habit). In addition to let baby Rottweiler dogs walk daily and every day from 3-4 hours, to start practicing them to be familiar with the name, with objects tray, with overcoming obstacles and finding the owner. For proper names need to choose short and easy names to pronounce.

Training Rottweiler dogs to be accustomed to simple commands

When calling baby Rottweilers and give them candy, must call by their proper names. The proper name – it is conditional stimuli, unconditional stimulate is the food; also need to use the caress. When calling Rottweilers by their first names should pronounce very tender, then give them the meat and caress them. When classical conditioning with individual names is forged, you should restrain Rottweiler dogs from candies, instead is order “good” emitted by a tone of encouragement and stroke them. Not to abuse their own name without encouraging them by the affectionate gesture or caress, because if not be tenderly stroked, they will stop reacting to their own name. No need to call their own name before the other commands, because their own name is in a different set of stimulation and baby Rottweilers will express the habit even for another command after calling them by their own name.

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While playing with the baby Rottweilers, people set for them be accustomed to the object tray and this is great significance when we practice later. The objects are brought for baby Rottweiler dogs to play at first may be the fibulas, then a burning rag, then thick logs and long sticks for about 15 – 18cm …

Objects need to be very diverse in shape, color, nature and weight to how baby Rottweilers acquire concepts to objects and baby Rottweilers will find and bring back anything that coaches threw into animal cages. In this work, we need to delimit the exercise yard to how Rottweilers not form bad habits in them, such as: Rottweiler dogs are always haunted with consciousness playing with things and keep things in the mouth …

The training habit of playing with objects based on the instinctive reaction of baby Rottweiler holding the animals as they run. Teaching baby Rottweilers the habit of collecting is conducted as follows: holding objects and waving beside Rottweiler dog muzzle then throwing things to the ground and picking up, but not let Rottweilers touch the object, they will jump up and approach the objects, they will run and want to capture the motion. Sometimes we let them seize the object and issue the command “catching”, then a few seconds we get back the object and the order “take it” and give candy. Next, we throw the objects, issue the command “catching” and simultaneously use hand to point the object have just been thrown. They’ll find objects, hold objects. The coach give praise by “good”, call them back and take the object they bring and give them candy.

Maybe when we teach baby Rottweilers to become familiar with the object, we can simultaneously teach them to get used to jumping over obstacles not very big (for example, jumping over a low barrier, jump through the grooves not very large, through the holes or via the logs …). The yard like that may bring the baby Rottweilers habit of not being afraid of obstacles they encounter along the way and after this will alleviate a lot of the training for dogs to know to overcome more complicated obstacles.

In the territory of the ranch, we need to build a special floor exercise with many different obstacles to teach baby Rottweilers to be accustomed to overcome such obstacles. This will make the dog develop the dexterity, the movement, make the muscles and bones stronger. On the field, need to build an additional staircase not very big (preferably two types of staircase for dogs of all age groups), the fence and the balance requirements of different heights, the grooves with different sizes (from that groove, through the biggest one, we put a plank and 1 stair). To develop the ability to capture of the Rottweilers, need to build the rotating column and put the rag in it.

Starting at age 2 months, it has been known to teach rottweiler to overcome  lowest obstacles on the practicing field. To achieve skill in this regard, it is necessary for the Rottweilers to rally from 1-2 times one day, every few minutes, must strictly comply with the order and careful when urging Rottweilers to overcome the obstacles in play time and then help them make best.

From the age of 3 months, should aim for the Rottweiler dogs accustomed to finding people. The coach flees baby Rottweilers discreetly and hide behind objects nearby. When the baby Rottweiler finds out, the coach must issue the “good” order and give it candy. Such workouts are used to train the Rottweiler to find owner by owner’s scent, and then is to find the stranger, that is training, rehearsing well to analyze the olfactory organs. To achieve the purpose, when baby  Rottweilers find out the owner, that means Rottweiler dogs have good workout routine, we must throw them the piece of meat to show them is commendable. The meat is wrapped in a cloth, the coach must lead Rottweilers there.
After finding pieces of meat, Rottweiler dogs will continue the search for the next, when they will improve and develop the search response. At the end of the game, ending exercise or ending eating, the coach must lead them to the solid animal cage and issue order of “on the spot”.



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