Several issues of average weight of Labrador dogs from small to large


You’re learning about weight standards of Labrador dogs? How much is weight for Labrador dogs beautiful with development standards of this breed? You do not know that your Labrador dog is fat or slim? So the study of Labrador dog weight in each age group, each phase is very important for you to make a diet that best suits the Labrador dog that you are daily feeding, caring. Here is some information about the weight indication in each age of Labrador dogs.

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Labrador dog’s weight at each age ?

Just born, newborn LABRADOR DOG with average parents and born in an average herd number (6 children), it weighs about 0.5 kg or less. Labrador dog in 4-8 weeks will increase 1kg to 1.5kg average each week. At the end of the eighth week, Labrador dog needs to reach at least 5 kg or 7,5kg. From week 8 to week 26 (6 months), the growth rate is the same, the average increase is 1kg to 1.5kg per week. Reaching 6 months of age, Labrador dog will be 23kg to 27kg (50-60 pounds). Male dog will be heavier than females. After 6 months of age, the pace of development will be slower. When your Labrador dog is 1 year old, it will be from 25-32kg for females and 29,5-36,5kg for males. In a period of one to three years, they will increase from 2kg to 4,5kg.

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Labrador Dog Body?

It’s just a matter on the balance. More importantly, looking at a dog and evaluating skeleton covered it with layers of meat. Let’s do: viewing from above when the dog is standing, if you have not seen any yet ribs be exposed, and if just a light touch to feel the ribs, the weight of the dog is perfect. But if you need to strongly press to touch the ribs, the dog would need to be cut its rations. In addition, depending on your wishes. If you want a dog agile and healthy, may adjust the amount of food to reveal ribs 1-2 after 6 months, they are low in fat, then they will more nimble and responsive. Again, if you make them almost reveal all the ribs, you have to let it eat more! In fact, if the ideal weight of dog to show is from 4 to 8kg heavier than the ideal weight if you want them to be like above (fast, work well, healthy).

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If you are raising a Labrador puppy, study about Labrador dog’s weight problems in each age group, you should closely monitor the dog’s body weight at each stage. It is not excessive, and it is very important to help you a lot in taking care of Labrador dogs in accordance with the standard diet and exercise regime of Labrador dog so that the dog can develope in accordance with your purpose especially on the dog’s fitness. Good luck!

4 different colored Labrador puppys!

4 different colored Labrador puppys!


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