How much does the Rottweilers cost?


You are required to buy Rottweiler? So How much does the Rottweilers cost? You are wondering among many choices when the price of Rottweilers on the network is being offered quite disorderly? Rottweiler price depends on many factors. And you can base on these factors to determine a possible best price when intending to buy Rottweiler.

Rottweiler price under the current average level?

Currently, the Rottweiler is bred and developed very well in Vietnam. The price of this type of dog is not too expensive considering the breed were imported into Vietnam in recent years. Most Rottweilers are now being sold on the market are breeding dogs in Vietnam, puppies are often born with a “normal genealogy”, sometimes, the parent dogs have no reputation at all, then a 3-month-old dog has prices ranging from 6 to 7.5 million VND per one.

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As for the Rottweiler dogs with popular breed, imported parent dogs or won in dogsnow competitions, then the price of rottweiler dogs also fluctuates between 14 and 20 million VND per one depending on the level of the parent dogs and mainly on the level of the beauty of those puppies.

Where should you choose to buy Rottweilers?

Depending on the purpose you choose to buy a dog and how to breed a dog. breeding to mate, breeding to make protect dogs or possibly breeding to open the reproductive breeding farm? Or other part depends on your financial conditions that choose to buy Rottweiler.

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Either way, we should choose the reputable places selling Rottweiler from before, you can simply refer to the opinion of many people, friends with a common passion for the Rottweiler. A simple way is that you can find reputable Rottweiler camps to be able to choose a puppy, just to see how about their genealogy. Usually in reputable Rottweiler camps, they have a birth certificate when selling puppies for you. And later, your dog is well valuable considering individual dogs of the same type without proving to have dubious origin.
One thing you should note is that wherever you buy, you should also understand carefully puppy health, vaccination, the source of the dog, okay? good luck !



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