Reasonable regime and diet for Bully dogs


Diet and daily rations for Bully Dog have always been interested by a lot of people in raising this breed. What you should feed the Bully dog is the best and right to help dogs in accordance with the comprehensive development of each of the owners.

Diet combined with daily exercise regime have great influence on the physical development of  Bully dogs. You want a solid dog Bully, showing muscular strength or want your dog to develop towards a healthy dog, agility vivacious and equally bunkers. So how you should feed Bully dogs to achieve the best results? This issue depends on the conditions, as well as your desire to raise the Bully dog in specific purpose.

How beautiful is a Bully?

The concept of a beautiful dog Bully is greatly influential to the daily care of the individual dog owners with the aim that they want them later to achieve the criteria that they set out. TOften, according to the current trend, people consider that a beautiful Bully dog should need a thick body, and full of muscles in the thigh, neck, shoulders, in addition, head, feet and hands have to be large, short, square snout, chest is bouncing and in short, it must have “the pit” of the Bully.

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Regime and diet of Bully dogs

With a Bully, even sinewy or stocky, it also has a muscle mass, muscle quite large. This is also a factor due to the inherent genome of this breed and therefore, to have such an amount of muscle, when raising a Bully dog, we need a regime of a diet with rich protein and often the Bully players feed the dogs with diets including more meat, eggs, chicken necks, pig liver, cow lungs, internal organs of animals, duck eggs, milk, cheese … in addition you should also regularly complement and give a most reasonable diet for the dog in each age combined with starchy foods, so the besy way is to feed them with rice.

Practice mode for Bully dog

If taking the time to observe, we will see these beautiful Bully dogs always have thick body, chest and abdominal measurements are approximate. With Bully dogs, their bellies does not sunken like some of the other breeds. The Bully dog are always compared to very close dogs – Pitbull dogs. With Pitbull dogs, they always have stocky, neat body, the muscles are always visible and sunken belly. Which are due and are the result of long-term training.

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To make Bully dogs develop and become more beautiful, with this breed, the practice is essential but practice mode is not “harsh” compared with Pitbull’s training regime. Be inherently taken care with a high nutrition, the body of a Bully dog is always rounded and muscular. Therefore, you only let Bully dogs act and be trained enough to be healthy and active and muscular contours ripple without losing the Bully shape you desire. And most of famous Bully kennels in the US and Thailand are raising Bully with a very light practice mode. Mostly just light exercise to help the dogs healthy, agile and dynamic only.

If you want your dog Bully really sinewy, muscular, it is nothing hard at all. With the body of Bully platform already, then the exercise in a short time with not too heavy training may also reflect the quality of the Bully through a good shape.



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