Note when raising baby Labrador dogs


Note when raising baby Labrador dogs | You should learn and note in caring and raising labarador because at this stage the dog is still weak, poor resistance so please be careful with them daily.

What do Baby Labrador dogs eat?

Once having been weaned, not only Labrador dogs but also all other dogs have relatively poor and sensitive digestive system. You need to pay special attention in the diet for dogs. What you should feed and not feed Baby Labrador dog?

You should be aware of how to take care of puppies. Your dog should eat soft and flabby foods such as crushed rice or porridge cooked with lean pork or beef. You can add chopped vegetables and cook with rice and meat. Especially not to feed salty and spicy, fatty. Puppy’s digestive system is vulnerable and incubated causing diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease … So that you should choose for them with safe foods above all.

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You should not let them drink raw milk because it is prone to diarrhea. Moreover, the dog’s mouth is small and vulnerable, bones fails, you do not let them eat food with bone or fishbone or mixed with fish. If the baby Labrador prefers to gnaw bones, you can buy them small pig tibia. Let them lie to chew when being sad, it will help to make teeth more solid but limitation. For individual dogs, based on the health status, you can give them supplements with minerals or calcium.

Exercise regimes for the dog

With this age, you should not let them run too much, too long because the health of the puppies are still weak. If you let them run too much, the dogs will be tired or overwhelming. You should let the dog walk around the house, and divide one day into multiple and different times for walking. Give the puppy a feeling extremely comfortable and almost not at all bound.

When dogs are growing, the pace of exercise as well as weight is increased, you can teach swimming, jogging or carry things … help dogs active and healthy.

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Labrador dog is very beautiful and healthy

Besides working out of health, you teach your Labrador puppy obedient to the owner about since the early days. Inherently they are smart dogs so the training should is quite simple.

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