How much is Labrador Dog?


Labrador dog price is the subject asked by many people ask, How much is Labrador Dog? Today, we learn together and share general survey about price of Labrador dog to be able to choose a puppy suitable for to each person.

Labrador dog market in Vietnam

In recent years, all kinds of Decorative dogs, especially the imported breeds such as Labrador, Husky, Alaskan, Samoyed dogs or Bully dogs are always be chosen by many people because of the beauty and intelligence of each species. But besides that, the price of each species is various. There is a difference in price quite a lot. Even in only one line, but the price of each individual has different prices, largely it depends on the level of standards, purebred or genetic resources of parents. With Labrador dog, they are intelligent, gentle dogs, not too good hair, nice body, and extremely friendly with people around so that Labrador breed is always raised by a lot of households in Vietnam. You are looking to buy a dog of this breed, and are wondering how much that Labrador dog is?

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Prices of Labrador dog in common

Labrador dogs are sold in the market a lot. You can refer to the price from a friend or maybe in the club specializing in dog Labrador to consult with other people. And it’s easy for you to know the price of Labrador dogs under the current common ground. With a puppy newly spliting parents for over 2 months of age, ensuring full health and appearance, Labrador dog price fluctuates in the range of 3 to 4.5 million VND per one.

Appearance criteria when evaluating a puppy, it is only relative identifiable only because of the dog as a child, you are very hard to say that the appearance of this dog is beautiful, its legs were substandard or not ? The head has pretty standard and to what extent … Largely you can just rely on color according to your preference, fast sensitivity of puppies or base on the origin of the dog which is good or not.

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You should purchase Labrador dogs since childhood

You should purchase Labrador dog when they are small, so you go home and you will experience and know about the excitement of raising dogs. You can train and take care of your own way to help the dog to be close and obedient, it is better than you buy a matured dog. If someone is afraid of “risk” and they decide to buy a large or matured dog and then doubt that labrador dog price is expensive or not? How much is a Labrador dog? With a grown dog and ensures full health, the price also fluctuates between 7 and 8.5 million per one depending on different individuals. However in general, Labarador is a breed with relatively inexpensive and reasonable in the circumstances of many people.

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In addition to pricing issue of Labrador dog, hope you will find and buy yourself a nice dog at your will.


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