How many types of Poodle dogs are the most popular?


In recent years, poodle dogs are very popular and more and more poodle individuals are breeding successfully in Vietnam therefore to own a Poodle dog is not too difficult for enthusiasts of these small and incredibly cute dogs with curly fur. But surely there are very many people learning about this breed do not know that how many kinds of this little poodle breed. Today, I share with you some information about the type of Poodle dogs being the most popular.

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Poodle dog Classification (Based on size: Size – Weight)

Identifying the exact size or type of Poodle dog is pretty important, many people are interested in small breeds but many people prefer them to higher and a bit more plump. So before you buy poodle dogs, you can refer to the information from the owners of the dogs to see the parents dog, photos of insemination… In order to determine the size of the dog. Of course for those who have experience of looking dogs, this is not a big deal.
And now there are four kinds of Poodle dog, mainly based on the largest difference in which is the weight – height of the dog.

Standard Poodle breed:

Height: 45-60 cm Weight: 20-32 kg. Standard Poodle (SP) is a medium-sized and large, elegant dog with curly, supple, cropped and careful grooming hair. The head and snout are long. Slightly rounded skull, slightly fractured face. Teeth with scissors shaped structure. Wide and drooping ears be close to the head. The eyes are oval and usually have dark color. The brown and coffee color Poodle have dark amber eyes, while the yellow dogs may have amber eyes, but dark eyes are often considered better. The length of the Poodle from chest to rump is approximately similar with the length from the ground to the shoulder. Round throat and muscular legs. The tail is trimmed half-cut, half-left. The fur can be cared for by 3 types: “pruning pet hair” (or puppy trimming), with relatively short hair all over the body, “trimmed on the back of British style”, and “Continental style”, that half of hindquarters are shaved, according to those around the ankles, and the bundle of feathers in the tail and on the side. SP has elastic and graceful steps.

Mini Poodle breed:

Height: 11-15 inches (28-38 cm.) Weight: 15-17 pounds (7-8 kg).

Toy Poodle breed:

Height: 24 – 28cm (25cm ideally), Weight: 3-4kg

Tiny  poodle and Teacup Poodle breeds:

They have a smaller size and weight than Toypoodle breed. Because of small size, they are very popular, easy to raise in the cramped conditions of the townhouse. However, these two breeds are rare, prices are high and fluctuate largely compared to the rest of Poodle breeds. The Toy, Mine, Teacup Poodle breeds in childhood are difficult to distinguish, so the buyers should have the choice of reputable sellers, watch carefully … Height: less than 22 cm, weight: less than 3 kg

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The price of the Tiny Poodle dog?

Among the Poodle breeds, perhaps Tiny poodle is the most popular and the most expensive. Simply because they possess an index of weight and size which is very small, therefore it is very cute and lovely to be a lot of features that you love.
The price of Tiny Poodle dogs will fluctuate around 8 to 15 million per one depending on different levels of beauty. Those are the dogs be raised in Vietnam already, even if imported from Thailand, the US, France, the price of the Poodle is much higher due to cost of transportation and other arising procedures.
Wish you could buy yourself a beautiful poodle dog!



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