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The loyalty of 1 dog is always most appreciated by everyone. A dog needs to have absolute loyalty for theowner is the most honorable thing. So do you know which breeds are classified as the most loyal dogs on the world? Now let’s look at them.

Japanese Akita dog

If anyone has ever heard of the dog Hachiko waiting for years in all subway stations in Japan, you can also clearly see the most profound and absolute loyalty of dogs for their owners. Akita is one of the dogs with loyalty No. 1 in the world. Currently for you to own one, you have to spend at least 60 millions to import from Japan to Vietnam. However, this is the national dog of Japan so they limited number of dogs annually exported out of their country.

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Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff had ever upended the Vietnam market 5 to 8 years ago. At the time, who owned a tibetan mastiffs is showed his status already. Along with rumors and promotion of the image of Chinese dogs have captivated many rich people because of the expensive, along with extremely different qualities that only in this breed. Especially the loyalty to only one owner.

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Sheepdogs Rottweiler

This is the protective dogs, sheepdogs extremely courageous and relatively ferocious if you are a stranger, you just be more careful when in contact with them when they have not been worn muzzles. However, this breed is very loyal to their owners. They know to protect their owners when in danger. Uwith Rottweiler dogs, who feeds them daily is unlikely their owner. One example of that Rottweiler dog attacked people in Hong Ha – Hanoi. It is the case that the Rottweiler owners purchased them when they were grown dogs already. So, if raising dog, you feed them and train them from an early age, teach them right from a young age. At that time they see you as the owner of them.

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Malinois dogs also known as Belgium becgie dogs

A breed is trained to specialize in service during hunting robbery and criminal investigations. They become the true warrior if you have a method scientifically of training. With the characteristics of agility, alertness, absolute obedience and loyalty, Malinois dogs have gradually win the hearts of enthusiasts of training dogs in Vietnam and around the world. However, to own a Malinois dog is nothing difficult at all, just 6 to 10 million, you can buy a very nice dog.

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Golden Retriever Dogs

A hunting dog is very gentle, friendly, and loved from the first glance. This breed is being hatched in the world because they can become friends easily with children, friendliness and loyalty are particularly valuable qualities in this breed. They are very intelligent, docile and malleable. They are not hyperactive like some other dogs. If you have young children, choose this breed.

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