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You’re learning about the standards of the breed Labrador? How is a standard Labrador? Knowing the standards of the Labrador is one of the critical factors to help you a lot in choosing the beautiful Labrador with full of the elements of a best dog. So what did you know about the standards of Labrador dogs? Immediately following, let’s learn about them.

General appearance of the Labrador dog: healthy body structure, short, very dynamic. Large skull, wide chest and deep ribs. Developed, solid thighs.

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Overview of the standard appearance of a Labrador

Temperament of the Labrador: Friendly, energetic. The nose is very sensitive of hearing, soft mouth, loves water. Obedient, ready to sacrify to the owner. LABRADOR DOG is smart, sensitive and not barking wildly, always willing to please. Very friendly nature in a natural way, with no signs of aggression or fear, panic.

Standards of the head of Labrador dogs

Skull: Large. Sharp contours on the skull, neatly, no fleshy and sagging cheek.

Junction point between the forehead and nasal cavity: clear.

Standards of face area of Labrador dog:

Nose: Wide nostrils.

Muzzle: Powerful, not sharp.

Jaw / Teeth: Jaw of medium length, jaw and teeth strong with big teeth, healthy and bite marks are completely scissor (upper teeth closely overlapping lower teeth and set square to the jaw).

Eyes: Medium size, expressing intelligence eyes and gentle temperament, stable personality, with brown or hazel color.

Ears: Not large or heavy, hanging close to head and set rather far back.

Neck: Clean, strong, is angling from the shoulders up very strongly.

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Standards for body of Labrador dog:

Back: straight spine.

Loin: Wide, short and strong.

Chest: Wide and deep, ribs are curved of wine barrel shape.

Direction of view: perpendicular to the face and look from top to bottom

Tail: DOG tail has a distinctive character, base of the tail is big and fontanelle gradually towards tip. The tail is of medium length, without hair thickly outside, the tail is surrounded by a short, thick, dense coat, making the tail be round like otter tail. The tail can be erected when the dog is excited, but not curl over back.

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Standards of Four limbs of Labrador dogs:

Forelegs: bones of the forelegs are moderate and straight from elbow to ground when viewed from the front or side.

Shoulder blade: Long and sloping.

Hind legs: developing certainly, not sloping to tail.

Edge of the thigh: very curved.

Hocks: low, straight leg but elbow like cow foot is unpopular.

Feet: solid, arched toes and strongly growing pads.

Mobilizing: comfortable, moderate gallop on the field, straight steps, the movements are evident when viewed from the front and rear.

Features of the forelegs

Features of the hind legs

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Labrador dog standards of skin and hair

Hair: Distinctive, short, dense feature, without waving shape, hair feels very hard to touch, inside fur is used to counteract the effects of weather.

Colours: Completely yellow, black or chocolate / sepia. Yellow coat color with tones from light cream. A small white spot on the chest can be accepted


Ideal height to the shoulder:

Male dogs: 56-57 cm ( 22 – 22,5 inches);

Female dogs: 54-56 cm ( 21,5 – 22 inches).

Labrador dogs have 3 main colors be black, cream yellow or chocolate and russet

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The errors occur in Labrador dogs:

Any difference compared to the above characteristics should be considered a fault and the seriousness is evaluated according to each of the part error and the influence of the error to the dog, as well as the affect to the health and function of the dog.

The dogs showing signs of physical and mental abnormalities shall be disqualified.

N.B. : Male dogs in the normal posture must have two testicles clearly in the scrotum


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