Four coolest ways to cut ears of Pitbull and Bully Dogs


You’re learning about the types of ear and how to cut ears of Pitbull and Bully dogs? Really, this is an issue be concerned by many people, but very few topics about cutting Pitbull – Bully dog ears, as well as how to care for Pitbull, Bully ears, after cutting. In addition, which type of cutting Pitbull dogs ears are nice and suitable with personality, head shapes of your Pitbull? Here is some information on cutting Pitbull dogs ears you can refer.

Overview of cutting tips for Pitbull dog ears

As everyone knows, cutting the pitbull dogs ears as well as several other types of dogs like Doberman, dog Bully … is also taken place since childhood and to make your dog’s appearance be cooler, or more trenches or may also be due to the standard or its history of such regulation.
This is a minor surgery procedure to remove the excessive portion of the ear of Pitbull dog, makes the ear standing up. The Pitbull dog ears cutting may be due depending on the hobby of individual owners, and through which owners also want to show personality for their dog, or signature of the dog.

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For Pitbull breed, dog ear cutting is largely due to limit the injury or the loopholes in the battles that inherently they will regularly face. Simple as shorter ear dog, then the enemy dog will not bite opponent ears easily as biting the ear of a Pitbull dog with longer ears.

The pitbull dogs ears cutting designs today

Currently, many breeders want to cut pitbull dog ears, but they do not know how to cut as the most sensible way for their dogs. And here are 4 types of pitbull dog ears cutting.

  • Battle Crop style
  • four-coolest-ways-cut-ears-pitbull-bully-dogs 2
  • Short Crop style
  • four-coolest-ways-cut-ears-pitbull-bully-dogs 3
  • Show Crop style
  • four-coolest-ways-cut-ears-pitbull-bully-dogs 4
  • Long Crop style
  • four-coolest-ways-cut-ears-pitbull-bully-dogs 5

Each pitbull dog ears cutting type is shown the demeanor and distinctive personality of a pitbull dog. So, if you are a professional pitbull dog breeder, please carefully study your decisions when cutting the dog ear.

The best time to cut the ears of dogs and Notes on cutting ears for Pitbull dogs

Before cutting your Pitbull dog ears, you need to research thoroughly before making your decision. Be sure of one thing that your dog is completely in a state of the most prolific and healthy condition. If there are signs of illness or bad health, you should stop and wait a while longer. The best time to cut ears of Pitbull dog is when the dog grows up in the age of 8 to 16 weeks old. In this age, the wounds when cutting ears of Pitbull dog will immediately and quickly recover, easier than other age groups. You should find a veterinarian reputable and experienced in cutting pitbull dog ear or some other dog breed so that cutting ears is guaranteed success.


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