Information about the Alaskan malamute dog you need to know


Have you ever heard or ever learnt about alaskan malamute dog – the legendary sled dog? Today, let’s find out and explore some of the information about this Alaskan dog. Surely, you will feel in love with a beautiful dog like that.

The origin of the Alaskan Malamute dog

As you know, the Alaska dog is a kind of dog specially used to pull carts and appeared for a long time. They are nurtured and trained by people living in the Gulf Kotzebue, Alaska land and are used to working in extreme weather and extreme cold of the Arctic region. When the Russians discovered this frozen arctic soil, they also mentioned the dog with characteristics that similar to which the Alaska dog had. Later, Alaska became one of the US states, at random, this dog became the American dog. And thus, in 1935, the American Kennel Club has recognized that.

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The outstanding personality characteristics of Alaska dogs

Alaskan Malamute dog is one of the smartest kinds of dog in the world. They looked and shaped like a ferocious wolf and hard to approach but contrary to their appearance, Alaska dogs are very gentle, close, very playful and obedient to their owners. They live with their owners in a peaceful, tolerant and very affectionate way. Another outstanding feature of Alaska dogs is that they are especially love children, therefore, when you decide to get a dog in the family when you have young children, the Alaska dog is not a bad choice.

This is a working dog, sledding and working in groups, so you can give them do what they like best. They love to run in the airy and spacious place and a pretty good thing is that this Alaska dog does nỏ have habit of bringing stuff or picking balls as other hunting dogs because right from the old days, the people of Arctic nurtured and trained them for labor only, typically used for sledding and not use them for purposes such as hunting. Instinct of sled and moving on a long way seems to have absorbed into the blood of this dog, Alaska dogs rarely lost when moving away. And you absolutely can rest assured, if you currently own a hyperactive dog jumping around, you do not need to worry that they do not know the way back because this dog simply really misses the way home if it goes far away.

Features of the shape of Alaskan malamute dogs

Surely you’ve ever seen pictures of the wolves? And of course only see in movies. Interestingly, Alaska dogs are in appearance very similar to a wolf dog in the movie. They are classified into one of the big dogs, males have a height of about 61 to 66 cm, weighing about 36 to 43 kg, females are 56 to about 61 cm high, weighing about 32 to 39 kg . They have average lifespan between 10 and 14 years old.

Alaska dog is one of the working dogs that are mainly used for sledding, therefore they own a tall, strong and healthy bone frame and particularly the leg bone and foot joints are relatively developed . This dog is very diverse in color, especially gray and white, gray sable combined with white, white black or whole white body. But one constant thing is, no matter what fur color Alaska dog has, the two factors can not change is the white color of mouth and 4 feet. Their fur is divided into 2 layers. Long outer fur is especially waterproof; the undercoat is shorter but very thick, structured as fleece. A dog becomes the most beautiful thanks to its fur, a thick, silky, healthy fur, and long curly tail with long feathers, loosing all over the back.

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Besides, they possess eyes obliquely positioned on the skull, almond shaped, hazel and medium sized. While moving, they always stand up straight, head high, 2 eyes wide and always observe, it shows us Alaska dogs are very curious, very agile vivacious, always observe and learn all the phenomena around.

What environmental conditions that Alaskan malamute dogs live in?

With this breed, for them to live in which environment is good? Alaska dogs are sled dogs, like movement and jumping, therefore they need to live in an environment with ambient,airy spacious conditions. Ideal living conditions for them are houses with large yard or fitness field for their routine activities. But this does not mean simply that Alaska dogs must be outdoor and never to be let  inside the house. The inherent nature of this breed is endearing people, and the need to share life with people. And sometimes they also need to be inside to expose and have fun along with all members of the family.

They would love to sled or roam in areas where they are living. Alaska dogs have very thick fur, when they are kept in cold environmental conditions all year round, there is no problem occurs, however, even in Vietnam today, also there are a lot of people breeding this dog, with tropical weather condition of heat, the owners need to really pay attention for health care for them, about nutrition, living conditions, advocacy ……



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