The experience of caring, breeding Alaska dogs from experts


You’re learning how to breed Alaska dogs? For those who are intending to raising  this type of sled dogs, the best way you should research carefully how to bredd Alaska dogs before making a decision of buying.

Here, I can give some useful experiences on how to bredd Alaska dogs which is derived from the fact, sharing with people loving this type of sled dogs.

Double check the origin of dogs before buying

You liked and want to breed an Alaska dog and ready awaiting to welcome one to your home, but you should find out the dog’s origin first. I’m just afraid of especially the dogs merchant, unknown background, because the money that they sold the ill dogs. It’s the best to buy Alaskan malamute dog giving birth in Vietnam, go to the house of the dog owner to see, and then find a healthy, mischief dog. If you catch Chinese dogs, it is best not to get the puppy. Because puppies after moving away, are easy to pathogenesis. If conditions permit, it is safer for you to catch big dogs to feed. And currently in Vietnam, if catching imported dogs, you are easy to catch Chinese dogs.

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Hygiene in the way of breeding Alaska dogs

Whether you breed any type of dogs, notes that, you have to keep the hygiene for dogs Especially the dogs with good fur as Alaska dogs, husky dogs, or Samoyed dogs. Keeping good hygiene in general will help dogs become stronger. Every day, you should clean the stables, leftover food bowl, food and drink. Good hygiene habit helps your Alaska dog to limit many diseases, If you take the time to care for them, you will be relaxed later.

If you have a kennel and sometimes lock them, the kennel must always ensure to be cool in summer and warm in winter. For puppies which are newly caught, for the first time, the dogs should not be let go out. The first dozen days, my method of breeding Alaska dogs is leaving them at home, for play and activities around the house, the garden, it is better to let them get used to the environment and really close to me.

In the early days of bringing dogs to house, many people are too focused on holding rags and rolls of toilet paper to wipe the shit and urine of dogs. But according to my opinion, pampering is okay but not to let dogs become spoiled. You should aim to teach dogs defecate in right place since that time, as well as hygiene for houses but also the hygiene for themselves.

Vaccination for puppies at the right time

Usually, many people selling dogs had vaccinated for dogs 2 injections for 7 diseases, however, there are many who did not vaccinate. For such cases, my way of breeding Alaska dogs is that when bringing the Alaska puppies to home, not inject immediately, but waiting about 2, 3 days when the dogs have been familiar and fully recovered when moving, just let the dogs to be  vaccinated. You also should not be later than 3 weeks after splitting the dog from his mother (approximately 2 months).

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Nutrition in the way of breeding Alaska dogs

In the early days of bringing puppies home, because not used to way of eating, some puppies are still dependent on the mother dog. Before getting dog, you should ask the owners how often they feed the puppies? How about the ration? At first, you let the puppies eat diets similar to the old house of them. Then after a short time, the puppies will get used to, we can feed the dog according to our menu. But my way of breeding Alaska dogs is usually let the dogs eat from flabby food to dry food.
The food includes major portions as lean meat, crushed rice, water spinach or other vegetables that the dogs like. When the dogs are a little older, you may let them eat drier. Do not care Alaska so much that force them to eat a lot, letting them to eat 3 to 4 meals one day is ok. Especially for dog food, you should not let the dogs eat fishy, salty, or fatty food. Dog’s digestive system is very poor so they are easy to incubate and this causes many dangerous intestinal diseases for dogs. If the small dogs are infected by parvo any or carre, 90% of them will die.

When the dogs grow up, my method of breeding Alaska dogs is letting them gnaw tibia to make their teeth solid and not to let them eat too many bones because dogs are very susceptible to dysentery. You will be very miserable for caring dysentery dogs Occasionally, you should let Alaska dogs drink a little of calcium, depending on the age and weight, you can ask the veterinarian more closely on this issue.

Hair caring in method of breeding Alaska dogs

For Alaska dogs, they have pretty thick and bushy hair. The beauty of a dog is greatly appreciated through its fur. To make the nice dogs, then of course you need a lot of time caring for them. Be regularly groom your dog if you have the time, about 1 time 1 day.

When bathing them, not to take human soap for dogs, high ph level will cause shoving dog hair. Please use the gel specifically for dogs. And if bathing dogs, you also need to take a bath for dogs in proper way. Since dog hair pretty well, so when finishing the bath, my method of breeding Alaska dogs is drying their the hair, do not let the hair get wet, this easy to cause dermatitis or respiratory disease which is typically coughing of dogs.

For the grooming, I also added a little, a lot of people see the dogs be hot so they feel pity, and they also have the air-conditioner, so they let them into the room and turn on the air conditioning at low temperature, this does not make the dogs happy because it’s easy to cause coughing only. In an environment where the temperature changes suddenly, the dog be suffering from respiratory diseases is quite understandable. So please pay attention a little. Using fans is acceptable.

Hopefully with some experience in how to breed Alaska dogs mentioned above, I can help you in raising your dogs. Good luck !


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