How to evaluate and select a qualified baby Rottweiler dog


Are you a Rottweiler enthusiast? Surely you want to know how to evaluate and how to know that a baby Rottweiler dog is good? and qualified?  

Firstly you need to be a player and really passionate about this Rottweiler breed, in the process of evaluating and selecting baby Rottweiler dogs, you necessarily need to be meticulous and patient to assess in detail small parts of a baby Rottweiler dog. Here, you can see how to assess a baby Rottweiler be good and qualified.

Observing feather of baby Rottweiler.

Observing patiently … please fondling, staring at it with keen look of eagles. Pay attention to the thickness and gloss of hair, compared to the other dogs in order to detect differences and health level of the best dog in the pack. Usually the dog is healthy and a good breeder with shiny, smooth hair, the hair color of a good dog is deeply colored and has high contrast between the 2 main colors which are black and gold and has margin gradually increasing to orange or red…
In the same litter in a herd, which dog growing hair more slowly will be larger than the remaining dogs at the same weight

Observing for Rottweiler dogs

In a herd of 5 baby Rottweiler dogs (approximately 2 months old), there are 4 dogs had moved from downy to fiber coat, only one dog was still downy, covered thickly with a equal weight… I’m sure if taking good care regime, it will be larger (size) than the rest. It’s an interesting tip when choosing a puppy.

evaluate-select-qualified-baby-rottweiler-dog 2

Check the details of each part of the Rottweiler.

Try to make this issue a systematic way by arranging to avoid missing spots and detail to the best Rottweiler dog. Let’s start from the highest to the lowest part.

Observing Rottweiler baby’s ear.

You look at illustration of a qualified Rottweiler dog for a more visual look

As for the concern about one dog in the herd, separate it to another place away from other dogs for the test to be more focused.
If you’re a introductory it’s hard to know which dog has pretty or bad ears … even when looking at a mature dog, it is also difficult to judge how pretty it is… haha … I also like that!
The beauty of the ears of the Rottweiler dogs has standard, however, those really beautiful ears are totally depended on other parts such as the width of the head and the jaw firm. In a state of extreme attention, dog ears tend toward the front combined with skull make up the spirit, the quality of Rottweilerr dogs. Not to mention the beauty of the ears, because it seems like to a lucky draw, let’s find that beauty on the dog’s ears on father and mother dogs on the principle of genetic, Now you’re just interested in the Function of the ears of Rottweiler dogs! How? Do experiment with sound, the dog that is capable of well listening is the good-quality dog. If you are careful, keep right on personal notebook: Good dog ears. Not that I am suggesting a round way or bombastically or prove my profession, but the principle of “the champion dog has fewer errors than others” will help us to choose the one with fewer mistakes! It is wisely that careful people will benefit from that simplicity.

Observing 2 eyes of baby Rottweiler.

As well as ears, it is hardly known exactly how the eyes of puppies are beautiful or bad, just based largely on genetic elements from their parents. This time, we just need to find good score or errors by function of the eye. Can their eyes have good observation? … Let’s do the experiment by creating more movement for the dogs to watch… Do the two eyes have the same color?… And do not be foolish to believe that: “Dogs have 2 different eyes are precious dogs” The difference with German standards are errors, error of two different colored eyes is heavy fault, the dog will be excluded from the initial round … or never been chosen as breed dog. It will transmit to the next generation the mutant errors instead of transmitting the values that the Germans have studied science in order to achieve high efficiency in human service work. A good variety and a beautiful dog, the pigment will be dark in the eye contour (eyelid), can be black or the same color with the skin… if there is the phenomenon of white or white patchy spots in that position, maybe the dog will not be good for the genetic component or related to genetic degeneration. Eye color should be dark … from yellow to amber (brown close) and puppies will grow mature over time …

Observing the forehead and skull parts of baby Rottweilers:

Rottweiler forehead:

In the Rottweiler dogs, the pack spliting divided forehead into 2 parts curving lightly from the center to the ears to protect skull against high impact resistance, this is not formed… trying to look this at the puppies are completely hopeless .

As pupies, the forehead can hardly sloping as forehead of adult dogs, we need to widespread sympathy at this point.

The forehead of the dog need to have a slight curvature from the point adjacent to the bottom of eyes to the occipital bone (part of skull bones protruding at the bottom)

Why should a dog’s forehead slightly curved?

Not to distinguish from hybrid Doberman dogs or anything, but in function of the forehead, the forehead is an important part to protect the skull, should be slightly curved structure for higher strength than the straight forehead…

if you do not believe, try experiments on the bearing capacity of a glass with curvature and a glass with flatness…

With a flat glass surface, we can use your hands to punch to break because the local transmission causes the glass to be broken, but with curved arch structure will be significantly different…

People often use glasses with curved arch at the kind of wristwatch to have high bearing capacity.



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