Dog has fungus and dandruff flakes on the skin


Dog has fungus or flakes appearring on the skin that some of you would call is a form of skin diseases in dogs which is very annoying. What are the causes of the skin condition of dandruff flakes in dogs? And is there any treatment for this condition completely or not? Below is helpful information for anyone that has dogs with fungus or dandruff flakes.

The main reason to cause dandruff flakes on dog skin?

Dogs with dandruff flakes on the skin, also known as dermatophytes in dogs is due to that you do not keep hygiene for dogs with dry skin, dog skin is always wet, smelly and dust on the surface of the skin under fur creating favorable conditions for the fungal virus to develop and grow. Especially the fluffy dogs as Toy Poodle dogs, Cocker dogs…..

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Another reason, in a tragic way, is that you think the dog is bad, so every day you pull them out for a bath, after the bath, you still see the dog smelly so you become “addicted to bath the dog”. This led inadvertently to the skin of the dog lost the slime on the surface to moisturize and benefit for the skin of dogs, at the same time, because you can use bath oils with high pH also causing one of the reasons why resistance to disease in dog skin weakened prone making dogs suffer from dandruff and fungus.

How to treat dogs suffering from a fungus or dandruff flakes on the skin

There are many ways to treat dogs suffering from a fungus, but where is the best measure? You will inject the dogs? Completely wrong if you choose this method, assuming the dog is recovered from dandruff flakes, perhaps they will get bad health because inherently injected drugs of rhipicephalus, mange, fungus… are very toxic, very harmful for the health of the dog, the dog will be susceptible to liver disease.

One quite simple and effective method is that you can use tincture of Iodine Betadin to clean at least 2 times per day, after about 1 week the dogs are recovered from dandruff flakes.

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If dandruff flakes on the skin of the dog become heavier array, you can cut that spot away, clean hygiene and always dry for most. Combining to use alcohol and iodine Betadin and zinc oxide ointment. If you do have conditions for buying and searching FabRiCil spraying from German and combine this to use, then it is sure the dog is cured completely.

How to prevent fungus and flakes in dogs?

You should have care and hygiene method for dogs properly to be able to prevent fungal diseases and dandruff flakes on the skin dog and one thing is always to dry well and clean dog fur and leather.

In the morning and evening you can let the dog take sunbathing for a while. In the monsoon day, you can use hair dryer to blow them to help dry fur. If these factors are ensured, your dog is never suffered from fungal skin. Good luck!


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