Distinguishing pitbull dogs and bully dogs


Distinguishing pitbull dogs and bully dogs | For many people, distinguishing pitbull dogs and bully dogs is difficult. Because their appearance are quite similar. Today let’s sum up some information about these 2 kinds of dog to have way to distinguish pitbull dogs and bully dogs.

Distinguishing in appearance between pitbull dogs and bully dogs

Basically, these are 2 breeds with similar shapes. Bully dogs are inherently bred from many different varieties of which a large part influenced by pitbull dog genome. This may be a new breed and is said to be perfectly breeding product for creating a kind of dog under Sport style. Looking through then we also see that pitbull dogs have slender and higher frame than the bully dogs. Bully dogs are lower and more muscular than Pitbull dogs. With Bully dogs, they always own the large head and the skull, burly is the most accurate feature. About health and toughness, they are quite similar, sometimes it also depends on practice mode or purpose of the breeders.

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Bully Dog

Distinguishing pitbull dogs and bully dogs through personality

Through the process of re-creation, the breeders have eliminated the aggressive and somewhat cruel personality for pitbull dog breeds to create a gentle, dynamic, powerful and friendly-with-human kind. But meekness does not mean stupidity. The Bully Dog is quite smart, and absolute loyalty to the owner. They can protect the owner to death if the in danger.

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Pitbull dog

The Pitbull dog is somewhat more combative, they will attack the enemy dog to death when being ordered to bite by the owner. There are many people like this personality of Pitbull dogs but there are also many mixed views on this issue.

Currently, the trend of breeding two types of dog is very hot. Many dog lovers raise their dogs in many different styles. And according to the average price, a bully dog is usually more expensive than a pitbull dog. Through some of the above information, you will be able to easily distinguish pitbull dogs and bully dogs. Good luck!



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