Distinguish the Alaska Dog and Husky dog


Distinguishing Husky and Alaskan dogs is interested by so many people, especially  new people learning about these 2 types. The similarities and differences between Alaska and Husky dogs? They have many similarities with each other that make many people confused and can not distinguish what is Alaska dogs and what is Husky dog! Although this is an old topic, but today ChoDep.info will give some of you that are starting to learn to have a better overview of these 2 Snow dogs.

Alaskan and Husky dogs are very nice Snow Dogs

When talking about Snow dog movement, we have to mention 3 most prominent type of Snow dogs which are the Husky, Alaskan and Samoyed Dog in Vietnam. They possess a beauty that makes anyone who first met also fascinated about. There were a lot of large-scaled and professional clubs and associations specialized in the breeding of these types of dogs.

Alaska dogs and Husky dogs have many similarities so that many people thought they were cousins of each other and were derived from the ancient wolves. Do you think so? That is totally wrong because according to the research in the history, we know that the Alaska Dog, Husky dogs and wolves do not have any relation to each other. And due to that similar, they are named with wild feature, “Wolf”.

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Alaskan Malamute Dog

Similarities and differences between Husky dogs and Alaska dogs?

The differentiation between Husky dogs and Alaskan dogs is not too difficult. Through some of the characteristics of shape you can also know the difference between these 2 types of dog. For those who first meet and learn about them, can be very confusing at the first glance, and they rarely have the opportunity to directly compare a husky dog and an Alaska dog standing next to each other. If so, just as the images on the Internet. So what are the differences they have?

The Alaska dog has the body and the bone frame, the face larger than Husky dogs. The stop point  a.k.a junction point between the forehead and the nasal bridge of these types of dog is also another different point. The stop point of Alaska dogs is often more clearly visible than the Husky dog. In other words, the face of Alaska dogs is more fractured than the face of Husky dogs.

Alaska dog legs are louder and have elbow flexion at front legs, 2 front legs of Husky dogs are straight.

A further characteristic to identify is the color of their eyes, the eyes of Alaska dogs are only russet, according to the standard of Alaska dogs regulated by association of international dog, if the eyes color of Alaska dog are other than russet, it means the dog has been hybridized and not allowed to compete in DogSnow tournament. And with Husky dogs, their eyes have plenty of color, typically brown, black, amber … and the eyes of husky dogs are accepted with all colors.

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Another one is the ears, for husky dogs, the distance between 2 ears is closer than Alaska dog ears.

To study deeper about the standard of the 2 types, you can see more of Husky dog  Standards and Alaska dog Standards.

Maybe when living in the climate in Vietnam, Alaskan dogs have better adaptation than Husky dogs so they grow better. If considering that Alaska dogs have thicker fur and bigger than Husky dogs is not entirely true, because inherently when these 2 kinds are nurtured in their native countries, the physique and the thickness of the fur are equivalent. However in Vietnam, Husky dogs have a shorter and thinner fur than Alaksa dogs.

Husky dogs have ruffled, lowered tail feathers, erecting when going. The tail of Alaska dogs is always rolled on their back.

In personality, Husky dogs have characteristic of “Wolf” more, they are naughty and active, mobilized, but Alaska dogs seem to be calmer and more malleable than Husky dogs.

As for the ability of “howling” or we can say “The Call of the Wild”, the Husky Dog is much stronger. If you do not believe, just breed a Husky dog and see, in any day or night, whenever  they are locked up or chained for long periods in uncrowded condition, they will feel  depressed or stressed, then you can see their howling have no difference from the howling of the wolf. This is not a joke because the dogs I’ve ever bread often did this and now I have become accustomed to the sound known as “The Call of the Wild“.

Hopefully the article will help you even more. Good luck!


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