Characteristics and personality of Toy Poodle breed


Characteristics and personality of the breed Toy Poodle | You love meek docile dogs with the characteristics of a noble dogs? Toy Poodel is actually very consistent with that choice. Today let’s learn about the outstanding characteristics, backgrounds and personalities Toy poodle dog.

Toy Poodle Dog Origins

Toy poodle dog originated from France. Even so, this is the origin of dogs Toy Poodel is still a mystery when many different countries recognized the dogs of their country such as Germany, Denmark, Hungary … Toy Poodle dog has been known in the Western countries for more than 400 years.

Characteristics of shape of Toy Poodle dog

Poodle Dog fur can be trimmed by 3 basic schools: “pet clip” (or puppy clip), with relatively short hair all over the body; “English saddle” clip, and “Continental” clip with the back part of the body is cut almost bare, leaving only the hair at the ankles, hips and on the tip of the tail. The other types of trimming are not accepted in the contest. Poodle is kind of the scene with curly hair, black, blue, silver, gray, cream, apricot, red, white, brown or white coffee. Especially as only accepted copper coat color.

Tail is straight, uphold or truncated half. Dewclaws are always removed from being small. Small feet, slightly bent, with membranes and curved toes. Ears are long, flat and wide, pressed to the head. Black or brown eyes, very vivid. Long head, strong and slightly curved neck. Beautiful Poodle dogs are the dogs with nearly equal length from shoulder height down.

How many types of Toy poodle dog

– The breed of Standard Poodle: hieght: 45-60 cm, weight:20-32 kg

– The breed of Mini Poodle: height: 11-15 inches (28-38 cm.), weight: 15-17 pounds (7-8 kg.)

– The breed of Toy Poodle: height: 24 – 28 cm (ideal as 25 cm), wight: 3-4kg

In addition, there are TinyPoodle, Teacup Poodle breeds with smaller size and weight than Toypoodle. Because of small size it is favored by many people, easily kept in cramped conditions of townhouses. However, these two lines are rare, prices are high and fluctuate very large compared to the rest of Poodle breed. The Toy, Mine, Teacup Poodle lines in childhood are difficult to distinguish, so the buyer should choose the shops of reputation, carefully consider.

The Tiny and Teacup breed: height: below 22 cm, weight: below 3 kg

Toy Poodle dog’s personality

The Poodle dog is cheerful, extremely intelligent, sensitive and very trainable breed. So they are favoured by circuses. Some of them are quite peaceably with young children, but also the individual may experience a bit cranky. So you should pay attention to origin when buying puppies, even should ask about their grandparents. They are very good watching dogs, although small body. Ranking intelligence of 2/400 among purebred dogs in the world. Fuzzy, soft, smooth … especially not fall, do not foul up so they are very clean, suitable in apartments, townhouses. Of gentleness, vigilance, they are appropriate for both watching home and an ornamental. They love human, loyal to owners, absolute loyalty




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