Caring Toy poodle mother dog during pregnancy


You are raising pregnant poodle? So for Toy poodle dog caring during pregnancy, you also had more or less certain experiences. To be more successful in breeding pregnant toy poodle dogs to achieve the best results, you should find out all the information about the Poodle particularly Toy poodle dog caring during pregnancy.

Diet for toy poodle during pregnancy.

After the breeding period, during the first 15 days, Toy poodle mother dog is often lazy to eat, or sleep. This may be called the period of morning sickness of Poodle mother. This is a very common phenomenon, and it’s not too serious to impact on the health of the Toy poodle dog so you do not have to worry too. In the first month, just let Toy poodle mother eat normally like how you feed her before. Usually in all kinds of dog, pregnancy period is really thrive especially after 1 month of the first insemination. And if we do not do ultrasound for dogs, it is difficult to know that the dog was pregnant or not on looking by naked eyes in this period. By the 2nd month, the stage that the dog fetus need more nutrients, vitamins and minerals to grow. You should note to supplement calcium for mother dogs, and vitamin to prevent calcium deficiency after childbirth. There are many mother dogs let puppies nursed causing phenomenon of calcium deficiency.

You should give the mother dogs drink milk for pregnant dogs or to drink milk from goats, specifically for dogs. In addition, you complement mother dogs to eat substances such as meat, vegetables, and fruits.

Practice mode to help toy poodle mother dog better

The practicing and training help Toy poodle mother dogs help more healthy. Toy poodle mother dogs are helped to stimulates the digestive system and blood circulation faster, therefore the dog will eat better. Daily let mother poodle mother gently stroll to get easy childbirth. Remember that only gentle stroll. If over-cared, they will be too fat, difficult birth and led to surgery is very annoying, moreover, after that, mother dog will encounter many difficulties in birth, many individual mother dog can not get childbirth anymore after the first time of caesarean.

Notes to help Toy poodle mother dogs not get miscarriage or premature birth

To avoid unfortunate things can happen as the toy poodle mother dog gets miscarry or miscarriage, then you note that some of the following points when caring Toy poodle dog during pregnancy.

– Due to insemination right the first oestrus, mother dog body has not fully developed.

– Insemination of inbreeding.

– Conditions of foster care are not good.

– The adversely psychological stress or the weather is too hot due to long distance transport, transfer or import.

– Reducing resistance, dogs suffering from infectious diseases caused by viruses: Parvo, Carre, tracheal inflammation – infectious bronchitis, bacterial diseases: Brucellosis, Lepto…

– Avoid running more



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