Care experience and Toy Poodle dog raising from reality


Care experience and Toy Poodle dog raising from reality | Care experience and training of Toy Poodle dog experience are always interested by many people. With a dog breed is said to be dogs for rich people, they are quite passive, like to be spoiled. You want to raise this dog, necessarily you need to learn the experience and how to care Toy poodle dog right now

Living conditions of Toy Poodle dog:

Dog Toy Poodle is a beautiful dog with ruffled feathers, they can live in urban or rural areas, but they are also quite passive. They like to lie next to you, they can enjoy without going outside, however sometimes you should take them out for a walk or play with them.

Hoạt động của chó Toy Poodle:

Most of the small dogs need to be taken daily walk, otherwise they are very easy to become negative. If you want to play with them, you should play with them in the fenced yard, to ensure their safety.

Chăm sóc lông cho chó Toy Poodle:

Toy Poodle dogs should be bathed regularly and trimmed every 6-8 weeks, you should open their ears to check for fleas or ticks or not. Poodle dogs shed little and are suitable for allergy sufferers.


Toy poodle dog should not be let run much and eat junk. In the way of feeding Toy poodle dog, If the dogs are raised by porridge is good (for easy digestion), I cooked chicken soup, beef or minced lean meat. But Toy poodle dog should not be overeaten, eat one day for about 3-4 meals. If you do not have time to cook porridge for dog and let them eat foods available, you should soak the foods in warm water to dilate then for the dog to eat. Feeding about 20-30 seeds only.

Diet of toy poodle dog

The diet must be full of nutrients, energy, protein, fat, starch, minerals and vitamins from natural foods. Do not abuse drugs, or fodder. We note not to let them eat too much dairy, fish, fat. Especially not let dog toy poodle eat beef lung, liver of pigs because of the dirt, the liver contains many toxic chemicals causing cancer.

  • Feeding 3-4 meals a day, just to eat nearly full, stop. Do not leave food available for dogs to eat at any time. Drinking water must be pure, always full. Never let the dog eat too full. Feeding utensils such as bowls, plates … must always be washed, dried and ensured flushing to clear out the shot alkalinity (base) of soap.
  • When you see a dog toy poodle with unusual manifestations: vomiting, anorexia, nausea oil, diarrhea, doubt of sickness, you must stop feeding, invite veterinarian for examination and consultation. Forcing to feed this time is extremely dangerous to Toy poodle dog .

Toy poodle dog bathing

If you take the trouble, turn on the hot water to wash your bathroom to become warm, then you take your Toy poodle dog into the bathroom. Must prepare extra towels, dryer and if you have conditions, add both heaters when it comes out of the bathroom. I heard the doctor says so reassuring to drink half of a medicine before and after a shower bath, cold medicines for children. Then, a little warm milk for it to drink. I saw my dog at the age of 3-4 months so I do not use shower gel for dogs but use a lotion for babies because it’s the fear. Dungj that’s simultaneously without causing burning eyes.

Poodle dog fur trimming:

Because Toy Poodle dog hair is silky, many people have the habit of shaping for dogs to grooming very nicely. As Bro Tin (in District 1), who we met at DogParadise said: “Every few months I would take the Pepsi (name of the dog) out for grooming under different styles, look very personality, so funny. There are times I go for dying fur inside its ears, looks very strange.” However not everyone is subject to grooming for dogs.

There are dogs that are very carefully cared, cleanly washed but still rank on the body. That’s because you are not taking care of properly. You can follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: Check the skin, animal fur in order to determine the appropriate bath oils.
  • Step 2: Firstly, clean the dirt on the body of the dog with water, then apply shampoo, massage gently to remove dirt with professional tools.
  • Step 3: Rinse off shampoo, continues to use conditioner to create a smooth, moisturize the skin and hair of the dog.
  • Step 4: Rinse off conditioner with water, drying, brushing, removing remaining sticking feathers.

Above are some of the care experience for a toy poodle dog that you can reference. Hopefully with a toy poodle dog that you are raising, combined with the information above will help you feed one beautiful and healthy dogs. Good luck !



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