Boosting My Dog’s Immune System


Who has never had a problem with their dog that seems endless? Our dogs have suffereddermatitis, otitis, conjunctivitis, and numerous other conditions that can’t be solved. We make things right by taking them to the vet and giving them the appropriate medication, and the problem seems to be solved, but after a couple of weeks it starts again. So we ask ourselves: Is something wrong with my dog?


Have you ever thought that your dog’s immunity might be weak?

How can I boost my dog’s immunity?

First we need to know: What is immunity?

We can say that immunity is the dog’s ability to respond adequately to his health issues, the environment, social conditions and nutrition, as these factors interfere with the development of immunity.

Do you know exactly what weakens your dog’s immune system?

Behavior: If you have more than one dog, is the social group balanced? Is there a dominant dog and the others just lean to him or re there leadership conflicts between them? Social conflicts affect the proper development of immunity.

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Stress: Was there an environmental change? Di his health or nutritional health management somehow changed, or did you start using a new product or did you bring home a new dog? The body interprets these factors as tension and stress, which influence the dog’s immunity.

Environment: low air humidity, dust pollution, cleaning, etc.

Allergies: chemicals used in dogs or in their environment can cause irritation or allergy that lowers immunity.

Worm: these are very common especially in hot climate periods; relapses are also common because of the resistance that the body develops against the active ingredients used. It is always good to search for Isopoda and Giardia.

Age: Age is an important factor, because immunity naturally decreases, what makes animals more susceptible to common infections, which cause diseases that where not suffered previously due to the young dog’s improved immune system.


What can I do to boost my dog’s immunity?

Food: first of all we must feed our dog with good quality food or a natural balanced nutrition. Food is essential for the proper development of immunity, therefore, you should respect the age and size of your dog and give him an adequate nutrition.

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Deworming: it is critical to always keep updated your dog’s deworming to best control endoparasites. Dogs are always in direct contact with the ground, licking on anything, so they can easily acquire roundworms and hookworms that weaken the dog, especially young ones, leaving them more susceptible to suffer a disease. We can try using natural medicines against parasites such as crispy pumpkin seed, raw garlic, mint, cocoa liquor, because the indiscriminalized use of industrialized dewormer affects the immune system, as it is poison.

Vaccines: Vaccines are essential to immunize the dog and make him stay protected against many contagious diseases. We will later discuss all of the risks and benefits of excess vaccination.

  • Ectoparasites Control: you should prefer using natural and homeopathic products because insecticides also lower immunity.
  • To boost your dog’s immunity you should include in his daily nutrition:
  • Garlic: 1 clove of garlic 2 times per week increases the immunity of your dog.
  • Egg: 1 egg, cooked or raw, 2 times per week helps boost immunity.
  • Powder brewer’s yeast: adding this to your dog’s daily nutrition also boost immunity and prevents fleas.
  • Yogurt: 2 to 3 times per week increases immunity.

Leucogen tablets or syrup: leucogen It is a medicine used on premature babies and AIDS patients, it is known as one of the best medicines for strengthening immunity and can also be used by your dog.

When your dog has suffered certain diseases repeatedly and you often treat him with antibiotics, you can prevent relapses by following these advises in order to keep your dog’s immunity strong throughout the year, what is finally preventing the onset of the disease. As always, it is crucial to do this under the veterinarian’s supervision.

Although your dog enjoys of good health, it is recommended to visit the vet at least once a year for a routine checkup. Remember how we guardians are responsible for the welfare and health of our animals. When our dog has a health issue, a late diagnose can be the difference between a successful treatment and a greater risk to the good health of your pup.


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