Why bathing dogs and still smells bad?


If you are raising the ruffled fur dogs such as Poodle, Cocker Dog, Beijing dog, Pomeranian dog, it certainly has gone through situations like this. Although the dog is bathed and cleaned but still found the odor from dogs. Do you know why the dog was cleaned but still smelt bad or not? and treatment for dog odor? This is the situation that a lot of dogs are facing.

Hygiene for dogs has not been cleaned?

Are you sure you bathe your dog cleanly yet? Many people do not have many BREEDING EXPERIENCE as bathing the dog, but for fear of dogs being cold, or may be due to unfamiliar with dog bathing, then the dirty, furry hair in area of crevices on the dogs are not cleanly hygiened, especially in the area of the two ears with many greasy and dirty hair. For this problem you need to pluck and have dog hair trimmed cleanly, use swab impregnated with salt water and then wipe away the dog’s ears. You should regularly clean the ears of dogs for dog is clean and odor restrictions.

Squeeze dog sweat glands often

Have you heard about sweat glands of dogs? So where is the DOGS sweat glands located? This is something that not everyone knows. The dog after a bath that has a foul odor was greatly affected by the sweat glands of dogs. So what do we need to do to minimize the odor from sweat glands of the dog? This is quite simple, but most dog owners often do not know how to handle. And now, you need to know exactly what the dog sweat glands located. Dog sweat glands is located in the dog’s anus, anal bag or anal glands, there are some smelly liquids and when the bag is filled by liquid, you need to release fluid and clean smell and we need to clear up these sweat glands.

The squeeze operation for dog sweat glands is simple with just a few gestures, you just imagine the sweat glands are located just below the anus, you take two fingers and then squeeze the lower anus. Like movements of squeezing acnes, let sebaceous glands in the bag of sweat glands under the anus to be out. You can refer how to squeeze dog sweat glands via the following clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yg1yey2vN3M

Note: when crafting and squeezing the sweat glands in the anal dog, then you need to have one person hold the dog to avoid panic. After finishing to squeeze sweat glands for dogs, you can absolutely assured because the dog does not smell anymore. You should do this at least once or twice in one month. If you do not do, your dog can become infected in that area and the worst thing is that it may require surgery. Now completing the bath for dogs, it is definitely no longer the dog odors anymore. I wish you success!


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