The basic information you need to know about the breed Labrador


You are looking for the information about the breed Labrador? Origin, nature or how to care for this popular breed. Today, we come together to find out for more exciting things about a Labrador dog.

Origin of Labrador dogs

Inevitably, many enthusiasts of the dogs do not pay much attention to the breed which originated from, but if you learn thoroughly about them, you will find them more funny and more about them.

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Labrador is a type of dogs are very popular in the UK and US. Many people hear their name can also think that they are descended from the Labrador region, but not necessarily have to be like that, their ancestors are Newfoundland dogs in Canada. Labrador can be a district of Newfoundland. This breed is used to pull the nets in rivers and the sea to the shore area by the local fishers. And later, the British brought them to breed and have discovered their amazing ability that is sniffing, searching for objects. They also become family dogs and great for people by gentle nature, affectionate and very easy to train. Then they also demonstrate the ability to detect explosives, lead the blind and support to the disabled.

Labrador dogs are divided into 2 types as British Labrador and American Labrador.

Characteristics of the breed Labrador

British Labrador dogs are originated from the UK, and in general, there are differences between the two varieties. Bristish Labrador dogs have solid body, thicker and more square meanwhile the American Labrador has higher and slimmer body. Labrador are solid and strong dogs, long body, with a short, hard coat, easy to be cared. Their fur is almost absolutely straight, without a ripple, the popular colors are black, yellow and chocolate.  In fact, there exists two quite rare color which are silver and gray, it has generated a lot of debate, some people say that silver and gray are the result of crosses, others for that that is only a mutation.

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Labrador Dogs have large head, thick nose and a sharp jaw. Their snout is quite large with a very strong neck, the eyes of chestnut color or red brown exude full of smart. Bone structure is very definitely in the limbs, among the toes helping them to swim easily.

Outstanding personalities of Labrador dogs

If you are looking a gentle, intelligent, docile and very obedient, the Labrador is a great choice too. They have all the traits that can not be denied.

Labrador Dogs are said to be very easy to train, because their characteristics are gentle, smart so the training and absorbing commands of Labrador are very good. In addition they are also very reliable dogs, you absolutely can feed them into guarding purposes. In many cases, Labrador dogs are also raised as guard dogs, but not popular.

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You should feed them with the comfortable control, should not be so stringent as to enchain them more, it’s not good when you keep enchaining them because they are prone to stress, moreover, Labrador dogs have strong necks, so in the long time, the enchaining controlled by you is very difficult. They are smart, so you can replace the enchaining them by teaching and controlling and ordering them to follow. Labrador Dogs love children, if there are small children in your house, be assured when you let them play for the whole day without worrying about problems.

The ability of Labrador dogs

You already know the origin of the Labrador, and the purpose of the native people. Because of those things that the Labrador has a very good swimming ability, they are ranked on top of the dogs which are good swimmers. They also have more likely highlights including: hunting, tracking, searching for objects, guarding, police dog to detect narcotics, leading the blind, dogs in service for the disabled, searching and rescue, and even sledding. British Labradors are usually placid, more comfortable than American Labrador. Bristish Labrador also matures earlier.

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Labrador dog hair care

The Labrador possesses a short, straight and hard coat on the body and almost without curly hair. You should always take care and groom them. Sometimes you can take a bath for them, but should not be too much, only when really necessary.

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You can learn more about this breed Labrador through research material have been shared on the forums to get the care, experience in breeding in the best way. Good luck!


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