Some basic information about Husky dog


Some basic information about Husky dog – You are struggling to find basic information about husky dogs, one of the legendary sled dog of the coldest regions in the world? Today, let’s explore the highlight features of this breed.

The origin of the Husky dog

Surely you’ve seen these dogs through pictures, or the famous movie? And sometimes, you just vaguely remember that they often live in the cold lands, but do you know exactly from where these dogs have origins? Through the materials have been studied, the Husky dog originated from the cold Siberian land, the land was the birthplace of so many famous dog around the world, and they were brought to Alaska’s land of America in 1909. In this land, Husky dog was initially specialized and classified in the very effective working, sledding dog, however, people here have adopted as the animals in the house, and they were loved because of many good characteristics of a nice dog. Thus, the Husky dog is also a kind of dog existing a very long time and to this day, they remain classified in one of the typical animals of Siberia.

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The characteristics of the shape, the form of husky dogs according to international standards

Just like other sledding dogs originated from Siberia or Alaska as Alaska dogs or Samoyed dogs, they all have the same characteristics in the structure of some parts of the long, thick and good hair, or eye color. Especially Husky dogs have characteristics very similar to  Alaska dogs, for many people, if not observant, they can easily be confused between the two types of dog. But no matter how hard, they each have their own featured character. Compared to Alaska dogs, Husky dogs have a smaller body, namely males have a height of about 53 to 58 cm, the weight fluctuates between 20 to 27 kg, except for females with a height of 51 to 56 cm, weighing from 16 to 23 kg. And they have the average age ranging from 12 to 15 years. With Husky dogs, their features are not only the color but also the color of the eyes, especially the color of the nose, ears … Here we go deeper into each of the details of each part.

The common eye colors of Husky dogs

This beautiful dog breed looks very similar to wolves, with the wild beauty, sometimes be somewhat cold and exuded quite clearly through the eyes of the dog. With Husky, their eyes have diversified the eye color, and typically may include brown, blue, amber and can be a combination of 3 colors or can be chartreuse, green, brown or green. Husky dog eyes have almond shape, slightly slanted eyes to make eyes seem something very lovely and cold and expressed through their eyes. With the Siberrian, they do not take too seriously about which color Husky dog eye is, simply because they think the eye color does not affect the ability of sledding. It is the most common eye colors in this breed. If you are choosing a dog, which eye color you will enjoy most? Whatever eye color you choose, I believe, the look of those eyes will make you become obsessed because of that exquisite.

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Characteristics and standards of the Husky dog fur

Similar to the characteristics of Alaska dogs, Husky dog fur is also divided into two layers, and quite thick. This type of dog is inherently often working in conditions of extreme cold of the Arctic region so their coat is very thick to be against the cold. This type of dog fur is impervious, the fur inside is slightly curly and thick, smooth, arranged alternately into folds to increase resistance to cold. The fur outside can have two colors, and do not be surprised if we see one area of fur changing color from white to black, then white again. The fur inside shed 2 times a year or every time of the seasons change. The fur color has a wide range, from pure white to black. The stain be mixed with another color on head is considered common and accepted. The color is mixed as follows: Black & White, Red & White (from orange to dark brown), Grey & White (from silver to wolves gray), Sable and White (red-orange with black hair tip), Agouti & White, pure white color. Husky dog fur is relatively important to the beauty, their health, therefore owners need to spend a lot of time to care for them fur every day, you can use a comb to brush them to avoid clotted fur.

Characteristics of husky dog’s ears and tail

Husky dogs have tail slightly curved at the tip of the tail and most of the tail feather of this sledding dog is often very thick, white snow at the end of the tail. When moving, they drop tail hanging down. Additionally husky dog ears are triangular, always perking up and facing forward as if listening, tracking something. Fur at the earlobe is also very thick, and very soft.

What is the highlight of Husky dog’s nose?

Husky dog’s nose, just like other breeds, always wet and cool. This breed has an outstanding characteristic: their nose can change color over time, many of the dog noses were transferred to brown or pink due to the lack of light in the winter months, then to summer, dog’s nose color can return to their original color. If you see your dog having a phenomenon like that, you should not get too worried anything, that’s not a sign of illness, simply because it is a fairly prominent characteristics in the nose of husky dogs.

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How about Husky dog personality?

What can you think about when being asked about the personality of the wolf? Certainly one thing, the wolf embodies the aggression and lies. With a Husky in appearance is no different as much from the wolves, how do you think? Really you will feel extremely surprised when knowing that husky dogs have personalities very gentle to humans. In addition, they are also one of the rather smart dogs, very be obedient to the owners. They live very affectionate with their owners and even they are very fond of children, but they are animals so it is best that we should not let them close contact with young children. Husky is sled dogs, so they have a good health, always full of energy and enthusiasm every time they are assigned to do work. Especially their sledding work. The running and jumping, and moving as if it can be called this dog’s innate, if you are raising a husky dog, you should regularly let it to take exercise, one day you can spend about 2 hours to walk with it. Certainly it would be very excited and feel the love and care that you give to it. Through some of the information above, you have somewhat of an understanding of husky dogs. I am sure that, there will be lots of people who are intending to adopt one dog! Why not? Try to bring yourself a dog, and the life will become more meaningful. You can read the sequel “The reasons why you should decide to own a husky dog



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