American Bully Dog standards


How is a beautiful Bully dog? You should learn about American Bully Dog standards, through this standard of Bully dogs, you can easily identify and assess what is a beautiful and standard Bully dog. With the knowledge and a glimpse of the Bully breed combined with the following criteria, we hope that you will partly understand deeply and in greater detail in the shape standard of the best

Bully Dog is created with the hybridization of many different breed, from which the dog breeders select individuals with outstanding features with the aim to create a “sporty” dog in good shape and friendly personality, gentle and approachable. Moreover, this breed also has many different size and dimensions that must include the Pocket, Classic, Standard, Extreme, and size XL. No matter what size the Bully dog is, it always follows the following criteria.

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The general impression

An American Bully dog must have a strong physical appearance, be a a perfect dog, muscular, but agile and lovely, dynamic and friendly surroundings. Bully Dog is the dog must have strong body, not long legs and generally perceived to be a good dog.

Bully dog’s head

Medium length, depth, broad forehead, clear cheek, sticky, ears are high overhead. Ears – cut or not, you can refer to four types of dog ear cut which are very dashing here. Eyes – any color is okay, except for wild white; located below the forehead and eyes wide apart. Muzzle – Medium length, round or squarish upper muzzle and below the eye. Right jaw looks strong. Lower jaw showed strong chewing power. Lips are tight and evenly, but slightly pendulous also not very popular. Upper teeth must fit lower teeth in the previous section, and the chewing jaw. Nose color can be any color.

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Bully dog’s neck

Big, little dimple, tapering from shoulders to back of skull slowly. No dangling skin. Medium length.


Powerful and muscular with wide sloping blades.


Moderately short. Tilt down slightly from withers to rump or straight is okay. There is a slight slope in the rump to do background for the tail. The following section is slightly high but acceptable discourage.


Certainly skeleton. The ribs have to close together. Wide legs apart to expose the breast development. Breast is deep and wide.


Short, low position, tapering down, not curling.


The front legs – need straight, slightly outward a bit also acceptable but not preferred much. The front legs should be strong and healthy, straight up.

Hind legs – muscles, spur gets down, not turned off or turned on.

Toes – medium size, looks healthy and strong.

Gait – flexible and powerful on every step.

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Bully Fur

The hair is short, thick, palpably hard, seeing smooth.

Bully Color

All colors and markings, spots are acceptable.

Bully Size

Height and weight must be balanced. Popular males about 18-21 inches high at the shoulder, females about 17-20 inches. No figures for the standard weight.

Errors of Bully

The errors are evaluated: twisted or kinked tail, eyes of wild pink or white, too long or curly tail, too short or too long muzzle or so moving forward, aggressive to humans.




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