7 prominently featured characters of Rottweiler breed


There are many reasons why you feel like Rottweiler, and in which are characteristic and outstanding personalities of this breed. They always prove to be the dogs that make any enthusiast of German shepherds feel some ownership of their personality. And here are seven prominent and very characteristic personalities of the Rottweiler breed.

Rottweilers always prove steadfast and certainly

The determination of the Rottweiler breed is not budge. Over the centuries nourished to perform different tasks, they have been developed the latent value in themselves as well as the full range of qualities to work. We need a real master, who is tough and steadfast to control. We refuse completely to obey to the coercion and unfair. For the owner that they trust and respect, they will comply with a zeal. This breed also remember lessons than most other breeds.

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Rottweilers are loyal 

The Rottweiler’s dedication to the family of the owner is a clear job without doubt. They have the potential instinct is to protect the house and the owner’s family. But one of their great desires is to be involved in the same activities with the owner family. When being continuously chained or locked up separately, the bad problem about their behavior, character will tend to grow.

The Strength is always manifested in the character of the Rottweiler

Determination, toughness and physical and spiritual stability of the Rottweiler is very high. As a simple reason, they are dogs who are always reliable in the toughness, strength, both in terms of physical strength and mental stability, with a heart of gold. They always appear as a warning, with full of energy and fearless.

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The power and energy of them have created the nature of herding in the past, then, they always took the cattle to coerce and dominate, such as finding and facing the dominant bull in the herd, using the power and teeth to intimidate and control herds.

Rottweiler dogs are also generous

After violent battles, the Rottweiler can forgive and forget all – when the threat has been removed or controlled. They do not have hatred, jealousy or resentment. This feature makes them become guard and ideal sport dogs.

The Rottweiler has extremely good nerve

This feature is related to the description of them which is: “Good nature, basically quiet, like little children.” The ability to withstand the effects on the nervous and physical pain of them result that they are willing to maintain the status of “sit and watch” without superficial or aggressive reactions. They also willing to accept the mischievous hands of young children. However, they tend to move aside if they get rough jokes of the kids in the family – which they consider “their” and all the children of friends of children in the family .

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Rottweilers are very brave

A valuable feature of the Rottweiler is the bravery in their instincts. They are not easily to be intimidated, and really willing to face the challenge. If they feel they are in a state of no peace of mind, they will signal with purrs or barks. If their warning is not paid attention, they are not afraid to have strong or fight response.

Rottweilers have a high fighting spirit

In the community of coaching professionally trained and sporting dogs, Rottweiler militancy was upgraded to a legend. In defense, they figure out how to fight to win, not choose to escape the threat. However, the combat capability of the Rottweiler does not really show in the way against the threat of the enemy. They look at their opponents as enemies which they need to beat rather than fear to require escape. They fight with the strength and spirit to win

Thereby, we know the outstanding personalities of this breed, better understanding of the Rottweiler breed. Those are the prominent virtues, personalities of the German breed.



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