5 common problems encountered when breeding the toy poodle


You’re raising a Toy Poodle dog? And it must have been in the process of raising, you usually encounter some problems, especially during the care of dogs, toy poodle dog diseases often happen… and sometimes you seem confused in how to handle situations in order to redress the health of dogs. And here are some of the problems that many people are interested in synthesis will help you more to get a way to raise a healthy dog simply.

Toy Poodle Dog often gets psoriasis at the head

As you know, dog toy poodle is a fluffy little dog, that’s why the care and hygiene for a clean, dry hair is one thing you need extremely to pay attention. Otherwise, dogs are susceptible to fungal diseases with symptoms that may appear white dandruff beneath curly coat. And most of the dogs are getting with this disease.
Thing you need to do is to keep clean, dry hair, it is best that you can let the dogs sunbath for a while in every morning and evening. Or on the date of monsoon sky, the humidity is fairly high in the hair, you can use the dryer in low heat and drying mode for their fur. This problem was detailed in the article of Dogs with psoriasis at the head, you can refer to better understanding.

Toy Poodle dogs often get coughing

Toy Poodle Dog is a ruffled fur dog and everyone think they are a good cold tolerance, however, it is completely contrary. Cold tolerance of Toy Poodle dog is relatively poor, they often suffer from coughing, also known as kennel coughing and can suffer more severe pneumonia, bronchitis. When you discover the dog shows signs of coughing, let us drink ginger syrup, that’ll be alright. In other situations of mild disease, you should not inject as easily harming the health of dogs.
To avoid Toy poodle dog be infected with coughing, you should pay attention every time it gets colder and especially when winter is coming, keep your dog warm on the roads and it is best to let your dog in the house if you feels uncertain about Poodle health.
And another problem is that some of you often let Toy Poodle dog usually get conditioning, you should note that the problem. You should let the air conditioning be at a moderate temperature and the most appropriate, 28 degrees is fine. Avoiding to let the dog get conditioning too cold or too hot, because when being out of the room with the outdoor temperature difference is quite large, toy poodle dogs are easy to be heat shock.

Deworming Toy Poodle dog regularly

Toy Poodle dog deworming is what you need to do regularly to help your dog grow fast and healthy completely. Do you do Poodle regularly deworming and correctly? This is one of the very important thing when you’re raising a Poodle dog. From the time of mother separation to 6 months of age, you should do monthly deworming for your dog and for dogs of more than 6 months old, deworming once in 3 months.
Deworming drugs with many kinds are being sold on the market but the best is that you should take SunPel or Etroxal brand. These 2 drugs are used well and effectively, without causing harm to the health of the dogs. Dosage of 1 tablet for 5 kg weight of the dog. Depending on the weight of a small dog, you let them take appropriately.

Anorexia of Toy Poodle Dog

Many Toy Poodle owners often encounter situations where they have not been infected any disease, the dog is perfectly healthy but very lazy to eat. Why the dogs are anorexia? Do not be too worried because sometimes in your way of daily raising and caring dogs is not correct. You can read and learn more about the article “Why the dogs get anorexic” to better understand.

Vaccination for Toy Poodle dog

When you raise any breed of dog, the very important thing is to do disease vaccination for dogs. Dog vaccination will help prevent, minimize dangerous diseases in dogs, such as Care disease or Pravovirus … Normally, you should inject 2 doses for 7 or 5 diseases. For each year, you repeat injections. You can buy Vaccines at the veterinary agencies to inject for dogs by yourself or if you have no experience in this, the best is to bring it out to meet the veterinarian for injections.

Above are some of the issues that when raising Toy Poodle dog, you often encounter.  I hope that the ways to care the dog as well as ways of troubleshooting on health issues for Toy Poodle dogs above will help you more confident when you raise a Toy Poodle dog. Good luck !



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